We proudly announce the unique ultra secure

Onethinx Core LoRaWAN® module


High efficiency Antenna

The high efficiency antenna optimizes range and saves battery power. Fully RED / FCC certified which saves development and certification costs.

Space Saving module

20 x 24.5 x 3 mm

LoRa Alliance Certified

By using our module, your end-product is already certified by 'certification by similarity'. This saves you development time and certification costs.

Bluetooth BLE 5.0

The combination of BLE and LoRaWAN® in one module leverages unique possibilities including FUOTA (firmware updates over the air), key provisioning and remote device configuration.


The Infineon PSoC6 configurable analog and digital blocks ensures an easy and direct connection to virtually any sensor without the need of additional components.

Semtech SX126x chipset

This new Semtech chipset reduce power requirements, increases range, and supports the new SF5 spreading factor designed to handle dense networks.

Own LoRaWAN® Stack

The Onethinx Core module contains our own PSoC6 optimized LoRaWAN® stack for industries best performance.

PSoC® 6 Dual Core ARM® processor

The PSoC 6 MCU architecture is built on cutting-edge, ultra-low-power 40-nm process technology, and provides two Arm Cortex®-M cores. Active power consumption is as low as 22-µA/MHz for the M4 core and as low as 15-µA/MHz for the M0+ core. PSoC 6 delivers extended battery life without sacrificing performance.

Embedded Secure Element

Embedded Secure Element functionality for unparalleled security and end-to-end hardware encryption, without the need for external components or worrying about secure implementation

Security based on ARM® PSA

With more devices becoming connected to the IoT, cyber security becomes an important issue to address. The Onethinx Core, based on ARM®’s Platform Security Architecture (PSA), provides you with the latest standard for IoT security.

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We challenge every other LoRaWAN® module to match our features!
Learn why the Onethinx module is unique.

5 reasons to use the Onethinx LoRaWAN® module

Development costs more than 5 times lower.

Onethinx LoRaWAN® module for lowest cost of ownership. No hassle anymore of a tiring and costly development process. Investments in development and realization are lowest compared to any other approach. Save huge investments and time in RED and LoRa Alliance certification.

Only module that is PSACERTIFIED™

If security is a priority: Onethinx module is only module in world that uses PSoC®6 with ARM™ PSA level one (Platform Security Architecture). Unique and unrivalled.

Most comprehensive support.

Onethinx team offers you full support to become successful with your LoRaWAN® project. Among others: help you with design, proof-of-concept/prototype, production and/or IoT-platform. And more: free software downloads, free use case designs, large user community, programming support, etc.

More than 50 times faster development.

Everything you need is there, ready to use, short time to market. We take on the challenge of connecting each sensor to LoRaWAN® within 24 hours.

Powered by Infineon® and Semtech®.

Best of class components in a thumbnail-sized module. Infineon® PSoC® 6 MCU, Semtech® new low power SX126x chipset, dual ARM® Core processor (150MHz / 1MB Flash / 256KB SRAM), compact and highly efficient integrated antenna. Bluetooth BLE 5.0.

IoT like never before

What makes it so special

Painstaking certifications are already done

Don’t waste your valuable time on secure implementations, RF tuning, LoRa Alliance and RED certifications.

Longer lasting LoRaWAN

The combination of the new lower power SX126x LoRaWAN® chipset together with the compact and highly efficient integrated antenna ensures the longest battery life possible.

Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) 5.0

Adding wireless configuration possibilities, over the air firmware upgrades and secure provisioning

Easy to connect to virtually any sensor

The configurability of PSoC6 allows unprecedented opportunities to optimize your design at the system level.

High performance at ultra low power

ARM Cortex-M4 core running at 150MHz, 22-µA/MHz with 1MB Flash and 256K SRAM available.

Runs your RTOS flawless

The high performance M4 core is able to run FreeRTOS or Mbed OS with the greatest of ease.


Want to test it yourself?

Get the demo kit and make an easy start using LoRaWAN® in your project. The kit includes a development board with the Onethinx Core module containing the LoRaWAN® stack. On the board is a test button, two LED’s, Arduino shield headers, BLE antenna connector and a light sensor to get started quickly.

Get the information you need


Visit our downloads section for papers, sample projects and instruction manuals.

Join the discussion!

Visit our forum

We have launched a support forum for all general questions and we’ll setup a support system for quick response on user specific questions. Of course, the existing channels at Infineon (Community and user case creation) can be used for all PSoC6 related support.

Tools for development and programming

The Onethinx LoRaWAN® module comes with a preprogrammed LoRaWAN Stack running on the M0+ core. PSoC6 has a second ARM core (M4) which is fully available for the user application. We realized a true secure implementation for LoRaWAN which comes with an API to configure and use all the LoraWAN functionality. This API can is accessible from the M4 at the user application space. Our secure LoRaWAN stack uses very few hardware resources. We have dedicated some I/O, flash and RAM for the exclusive use of the M0+ core.

In addition, we have implemented the APIs in a ModusToolbox project and workspace, so it will be easy to setup your own code and use the API. The API uses IPC calls to communicate with LoRaWAN® stack on the M0+ core. The datasheet specifies the IO's which can be used with our module. Besides these specified IO’s all the analog and digital PSoC6 blocks can be used upon user demand. Of course, the existing channels at Infineon (Community and user case creation) can be used for all PSoC6 related support.

IDE & Programmer

We use Infineon PSoC6 for our module and we use Visual Studio Code for developing and programming our module. We advise the use of these tools to program our module:


We have launched a support forum (http://forum.onethinx.com) for all general questions and we’ll setup a support system for quick response on user specific questions. Of course, the existing channels at Infineon (Community and user case creation) can be used for all PSoC6 related support.


Go to the downloads section to find papers, example projects and instruction manuals




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